Several main methods to save a website for reading later in El Capitan

There are many excellent bookmark managing tools and read later APPs to rescue our Safari bookmark & Reading list from disorder. When El Capitan is installed,more choices the original system has brought to us, which make me like to introduce them in a few words and screenshots, in order of old ones to new ones.

书签 阅读列表

The traditional ways like saving a website as a bookmark and reading list in the above photos is known to everyone. Their advantages are obvious  — embedded into the Safari, easy to generate, manage and use, highly integrated to the share function module.


Web fils & PDF are also the old methods to save a website for reading later indirectly. They take more physical disk space to storage the data which is not as little as a bookmark but can be read off-line whenever you want to.


Since a high percent of iPhone systems have upgraded to iOS9, it’s convenient to use the “Save as PDF into iBooks” action in the sharing module for any website page in Safari. And step2, you have to sync your iPhone with the Mac to deliver the PDF to the iBooks on OS X. Because the PDF that you manually generate into the iBooks would not automatically sync to Mac through the iCloud, not the same to the bought works in iBooks Store. So data saved in this method is usually considered valuable to preserve for a comparatively long time.


With El Capitan and iOS9, apple users have a more powerful APP- Notes than ever in which website links can be saved conveniently from the sharing module and full of visible elements to have a quick view and to startup your target link simply by double-clicking. No longer do you need to save them in your favorite to disorder your bookmarks. Notes is by your hand, just pore into it everything you need later, you will find auto space lines are generated, stuffs are easy to tidy with such a quick view interface and useful sorting tools. Notes can basically take the place of many reading later APPs such as Pockets and Instapaper if you don’t rely on their special functionalities too much. Additionally, it comforts me a lot to reduce one third party APP in my device. The less the better man.


My first post here

After wandering among social medias for years, especially knowing much about Weibo &Facebook, I’ve found writing is always the best way to prompt my thinking and learning. It’s not brilliant to give up maintaining a blog. So from today on, articles will be composed in the fields of my favorite Apple products, movies and some wisdom I may obtain. You feel free to discuss anything in any words you like.

Hope to share the most happiness in my life with my friends. It’s not easy to get over sorrows or difficulties, or anything we dislike. Nevertheless just having a try no matter what the results will be is not a bad idea I believe. Time will give the answer.